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PlanB Consulting's Services

PlanB provides a complete business continuity service including Auditing, Consultancy, Exercises, Technology and Training

How to choose a Business Continuity Consultant

Auditing Services

Audit & Gap Analysis

We can complete an audit of your Business Continuity Plans, or any particular area within them, alongside a Gap Analysis to identify any weakness in your plans.

Capability Audits

We can audit your business continuity provision and ensure that your organisation has the capability to meet your plans.

Cyber Gap Analysis

PlanB Consulting will equip your organisation to effectively respond to cyber incidents and manage cyber risk.

ISO 22301 Internal Audit & Gap Analysis

We can carry out an internal audit that is aligned to the ISO22301 Security and Resilience BCMS standard, helping you to prepare for certification, or check your current compliance against the standard.

Maturity Assessments

We can review your present level of business continuity provisions, and audit them against our maturity assessment.

Consultancy Services

Business Continuity as a Service

We help businesses to develop their Business Continuity provision and provide continued support to the organisation to keep their BCMS up to date.

Implementing Business Continuity

PlanB has considerable experience at delivering full business continuity lifecycle, PlanB Consulting can train senior managers to respond to incidents.

Crisis Management Training and Exercises

PlanB Consulting can provide training for senior managers in responding to incidents where the reputation or even the long-term viability of the organisation could be threatened.

Crisis Communications Plans Development

Our Crisis Management Plans create robust frameworks for your organisation to manage any incident and communicate with the right people in the right way.

ISO 22301 Certification

As Business Continuity experts, PlanB Consulting can help your organisation implement ISO 22301 Security and Resilience – Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS).

Travel Security Assessment and Response

We can help establish travel security response plans to cover incidents ranging from medical emergencies, to natural disasters and even terrorist attacks.

Operational Resilience Development

Organisational Resilience is about ensuring that your organisation will survive disasters, while trying to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Pandemic Planning

PlanB Consulting has considerable experience in preparing organisations for managing incidents and developing response plans for many issues including pandemics.


Cyber Exercises

PlanB Consulting offers a wide range of cyber attack response exercises for organisations to explore and practice their incident management plans.

Exercise Programmes

In the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) it states that: ‘An organisation’s continuity capability cannot be considered reliable or effective until it has been exercised’.

Book – Business Continuity Exercises

PlanB has vast experience in developing and carrying out exercises. These have ranged from desktop exercises and walkthroughs to full multi-agency exercises.

Table Top Exercises

At PlanB Consulting, we work closely with our clients to develop exercises that are tailored to their plans and processes whilst ensuring that the scenario is engaging and thought-provoking.

Team Assessments
PlanB Consulting has developed an Incident Team Performance Assessment methodology developed from best practice across a number of different industries, including the military and emergency services, as well as research papers on Crisis Management.
SIMEX/Command Post Exercises/Live Exercises

PlanB Consulting offers a wide range of response exercises for organisations to explore and practice their incident management plans.

National Emergency Exercises
PlanB has the experience in planning, developing and carrying out major multi-agency exercises for foreign governments.
Ongoing Support for Exercise programmes​

Implementing a 3-5 year exercise programme will enforce the regular testing of plans ensuring that you are equipped to manage any crisis and reinforcing the efficacy of your plans and response teams. 

Technology Services

Media and Social Media Incident Simulator

MITS (Media Incident Training Simulator) is PlanB Consulting’s award-winning Social Media Simulator a bespoke training platform that allows users to interact and practice responding to media and social media channels.

Castellan Business Continuity Software

Business Continuity Software: Automate your program and drive improvement.

Training Courses

Cyber Briefings for Senior Managers
PlanB Consulting is here to help your organisation be prepared to respond to cyber incidents and manage your cyber risk
BCI Licenced Training
Our directors are approved BCI instructors and regularly work with our partners Business Continuity Training (BCT) to provide the Business Continuity Institutes (BCI) approved training.
Business Continuity Mentoring and Team Development

PlanB Consulting can help you develop your Business Continuity skills by mentoring this could be for you as an individual or as a team

e-Learning and Video Training

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the same high quality of service and learning to all of our customers.

Incident Management Training for Teams

Designed to assist and teach teams the essential skills and techniques required for managing an incident effectively

Loggist Training

Defending Your Decisions and Capturing Lessons to be Learned

Incident Management Support Team Training

Administration people play a crucial role in the incident room in order to make sure it is running efficiently and that staff are able to respond and manage an incident

Planning and Running Business Continuity Exercises

The aim of the training is to give Business Continuity Coordinators and other business continuity staff the skills, tools and confidence to plan, run and report their own exercises.

Supply Chain Continuity Management

This course is aimed at teaching people how to understand and mitigate the risks associated with supply chain and outsourced operations.

Promotion of Business Continuity for local authorities

PlanB consulting has developed an innovative way of promoting business continuity to the local community

As Business Continuity Strategy specialists we take care of every aspect of your organisation’s business continuity planning.  The output of the business continuity strategy covers a range of services to aid with the preparation for from mitigation, response, and recovery. Please visit our individual services pages to find out more about how we can help you to plan, audit, and exercise your business continuity strategy.

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