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Business Continuity Training

We offer a wide range of business continuity training, from how to write business continuity plans to planning and running exercises. 

Cyber Briefings for Managers/C-Suite

PlanB Consulting will train your managers and C-Suite to prepare for and manage the non technical response of cyber incidents. 

Loggist Training

Defending your decisions and capturing Lessons Learned from incidents.

Incident Management Training for Team Leaders

Incident Management Training for Team Leaders is designed to teach team leaders the essential skills and techniques required for effectively managing an operational incident.  

Incident Management "Support Team" Training

Ensuring that you have the assistance of an experienced and competent support team is key to successfully responding to a crisis.

Supply Chain Continuity Management Training

PlanB Consulting’s Supply Chain Continuity Management course can help your organisation prepare for, respond to, and recover from supply chain risks that your business may be facing. 

Planning and Running your own Business Continuity Exercises

PlanB can give you the skills, tools, and confidence to plan, run and report on your own exercise.

Business Continuity Mentoring and Team Development

PlanB Consulting can help you develop your organisational business continuity competency and skill by providing structured mentoring on either an individual or team basis.  

e-Learning and Video Training

PlanB Consulting has developed effective business continuity e-learning training courses and videos, each one bespoke to the requirements of the client and easily accessible to employees through an online portal and software

Business Continuity Training

BC-Training is PlanB’s “sister” company and delivers a variety of business continuity training courses to businesses and the public. 

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