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Operational Resilience

Operational Resilience is about ensuring that your organisation will survive disasters, while trying to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Operational Resilience: how can we help?

PlanB Consulting can help organisations meet their FCA and PRA Operational Resilience regulatory requirements and “to prevent, adapt, respond to, recover and learn from disruptions”.
  1. Identify Business ServicesPlanB Consulting have conducted hundreds of business impact analyses and are perfectly placed to help you identify your ‘important business services’ as required under the regulations. This may include working with your outsourced partners where they provide ‘important business services’.
  2. Map Supporting Resources– Let us use our experience in ‘Analysis’ to help you identify the resources which underpin your essential business services. PlanB Consulting can provide specialist software for process mapping if required.
  3. Set Impact Tolerances– PlanB Consulting can help you define your Impact Tolerances for each essential business service. Each tolerance should consist of a specific outcome and a timeframe. 
  4. Define Appropriate Scenarios– PlanB Consulting can assist you in defining ‘plausible but extreme’ scenarios. Our blog shows how we will define and frame the scenarios. The blog can be found here.
  5. Scenario Test– PlanB Consulting have experience in writing, running and reporting on scenario tests for financial clients. During the exercise, we will help you identify the impact of the scenario on business services and their supporting resources. We will also work with the exercise team to ascertain the scenario impact on their set impact tolerances and see if they were breached. PlanB Consulting understands the difference between ‘normal’ exercises and the exercises required for Operational Resilience.
  6. Improve Resilience– An outcome of the scenario test is the identification of areas where the resilience of your organisation can be improved.

PlanB Consulting have written several articles on Operational Resilience including “Writing Incident Scenarios: An Operational Resilience Trend Returns” and “Operational Resilience: Is it just Business Continuity done properly?”.

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