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Special Projects

Looking for a unique and customised training or exercise solution that’s tailored specifically to your needs? PlanB Consulting has got you covered. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding someone who can meet your requirements – we specialise in delivering “out-of-the-ordinary” projects that others can’t.

Let PlanB Consulting DESIGN and IMPLEMENT that special project, just for you. Find out what our clients say about us below… 

Unique Capabilities

Over the last 16 years, PlanB Consulting has had a number of requests to deliver “out-of-the-ordinary” projects where there is no off-the-shelf solution.

We are exceptionally good at understanding the requirements and needs of our customers and designing and delivering a service to meet those specific needs or requirements.

Tailored Advice

If you have an unusual requirement or are looking for something that doesn’t appear on our website, please do get in touch. The vast experience and expertise within our team could well result in a specially designed or bespoke service or product, just for you.


Delivered a one-day Cyber Incident Management Training Course for a government organisation, it was delivered to their support staff and was NCSC certified.


Developed a Liaison Officer Course for a local authority, to prepare the Liaison Officer for representing the local authority at a multiagency meeting


Carried out an Incident Team Debrief after a client had responded to a major incident which involved the loss of life.


Developed a Wargames Exercise to test a client’s response and exposure to Brexit


Designed and delivered a Structured Debriefing Training for a large FMCG organisation that are head quartered in Europe.


Developed a ‘Train the Trainer’ course for a large manufacturing company, to prepare for and respond to, protesters at their manufacturing sites


Developed a three-hour Cyber Briefing and Exercise session for an international financial organisation's C-Suite, Non Executive Directors and Chairman.


We partnered with Closed Door Security (CD Sec) to conduct a building Penetration Test for a large high-tech manufacturing company, as part of their ISO27001 Audit. The objective of the test was to assess the ease of accessibility to the main access points of the building

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