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Loggist Training

Defending your decisions and capturing Lessons Learned from Incidents

Two years after an incident, you may well find yourself in court having to justify your actions, communications, and/or decisions. If you were asked to defend yourself, could you remember your decision-making rationale? Would you know the information you had available at the time and how you received it? 

To ensure that both you and your organisation are protected and accountable, personal logging of all information during an incident is essential. Logging all actions will ensure you can defend all of the decisions that were made during a crisis should legal action be taken against you or your organisation. Logging incident information, and the decisions that have been made, is a requirement at all levels within an organisation. This loggist training course will provide you and your staff with the essential skills required to record decisions and actions which, in turn, will help you prove that you conducted your role to the best of your ability during an incident. 

The course is designed to go beyond examples and discussion by including case studies and exercises involving live incident audio. We tailor our course to your exact requirements, ensuring that the loggists feel empowered and familiar with the process should they be required to perform the role during an incident. 


Large Soft Drinks Company

PlanB Consulting were approached by a soft drinks company, to run a series of Loggist training courses to enhance their incident management skills throughout the organisation. The training was developed to provide the essential skills required to record decisions and actions made during an incident, as well as increasing the confidence, knowledge and the efficiency of existing and new Loggists within the organisation. Such enhanced skills therefore provide greater assurance that any incident will be conducted to the best of the participants abilities.

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