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Capability Audits

We can audit your business continuity provision and ensure that your organisation has the capability to meet your plans.

Are the targets in your business continuity plan realistic?  Our Capability Audits assess your business continuity provision and ensure that the business continuity ‘ready to go’ meets your requirements.

When you have gone through the business continuity lifecycle, and carried out your BIA, you will have identified the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for each of your activities, and developed strategies for recovering the activities to their required RTOs and developed plans for managing their recovery.

Often organisation have a series of RTOs which they cannot actually meet; they are aspirational and the infrastructure, strategy or investments has not been in place to meet them. Senior managers may have signed them off but may not be aware they can’t be achieved.

  • Can the underpinning IT application for the organisation’s activities meet the RTOs required or would IT applications be recovered much later than they are required?
  • Could the organisation cope with the possible data loss associated with the IT Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)?
  • Or would the amount of data you could lose between an incident occurring and the last back up cause a major impact on the organisation?
  • Are members of incident teams manned by knowledgeable, competent and experienced people?
  • Or are their members on your incident team who don’t even know where to find the plan?
  • Does your business continuity provision look the part but it would crumble when faced with an incident?

PlanB Consulting Capability Audits assess your business continuity provision and reassure you, or not, that it meets the requirements of your organisation, and if it was implemented it would meet the targets and RTO your organisation needs.

If you need reassurance internally or for external stakeholders we can help.

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