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Castellan Business Continuity Software

Business Continuity Software: Automate your program and drive improvement.

We are proud to be partners of Castellan Business Continuity Software.  For every Business Continuity Leader who’s ever had to email someone asking which “final” spreadsheet is their actual final…we feel your pain.  We can help you to implement Castellan and make Business Continuity Planning painless from day one, and we offer to continue our services by guiding you every step of the way to ensure that your BC Plan is always up-to-date and ready.  

PlanB Consulting provides you with support and advice, whilst Castellan helps you to effortlessly manage your Business Continuity Management System on an ongoing basis.

Castellan Software Brings It All Together


One Program, One Platform
Built for the evolution of business continuity towards a broader risk and resilience effort, Castellan’s new SaaS platform not only supports your organisation during a crisis, but continuously, through all the ups and downs of normal operations.


Helpful Humans Who Have Your Back
You’re not just buying software, you’re gaining a partner who will support you every step of the way. Fast, friendly, and human, Castellan is your guardian and guide for all things business continuity.


Replace Uncertainty with Confidence
Disruptions, large or small, are inevitable. But disruption doesn’t have to spell disaster. Castellan’s business continuity software solution helps you cut through the noise to identify hidden vulnerabilities and program gaps that could derail the execution of your organisation’s response and recovery strategies.

Explore Castellan’s Software Capabilities


Business Continuity Management
Castellan puts your organisation on the road to resilience, so you can experience decreased disruption frequency, higher levels of readiness, and safeguards to your people, revenue, and brand.


Response & Communication
Fast, flexible, and centralised. Live incident management and emergency notification capabilities are baked into our proprietary and enterprise-strength solution.


Operational Resilience
An intuitive, out-of-the-box operational resilience solution that is woven into the fabric of the organisation. Goodbye crisis-up approach; hello strategic, top-down solution.


Managed Services
Our managed services allow your organization to extend your team quickly and confidently while we perform business continuity activities on your behalf.

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