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Cyber Exercises – Responding to a Cyber Incident

PlanB Consulting offers a wide range of cyber attack response exercises for organisations to explore and practice their cyber incident management plans.

Cyber attacks present a growing threat to businesses, governments and individuals. PlanB Consulting will work with your C-Suite or executive team to exercise the non-technical elements of your cyber plan and prepare them for responding to this inevitable crisis.

We can also help you write a Cyber Response Plan if you don’t have one. Our Cyber exercises are bespoke to each client and can take the form of a tabletop, SIMEX or workshop or a combination of all 3. We can also include ransomware, putting your C-Suite in a difficult decision making position. We have a great deal of experience and success facilitating and delivering Cyber Exercises globally. 

Our exercises focus on the response and reputation management of your business after a cyber incident. In most cases, we use our PlanB software to simulate media and social media responses to the crisis. This ensures that the communications team participate and play their crucial part in the exercise. 

At the CyberUK 2022 conference, the consistent message was “only 50% of business have cyber response plans and only 20% have exercised them”. 

Our Cyber Exercises look to enforce the following:

  • Strategic decision making.
  • Identifying gap in your Cyber Incident Response plan.
  • Identify training requirements.
  • How to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • Managing the interface between those responding technically and those managing the incident and communications


After completion of the exercise, a post-exercise report will be drafted detailing gaps and recommendations.


Government Agencies Scotland

PlanB Consulting won the tender to run a half day cyber exercise for 2 government agencies in Scotland. The exercise included their IT outsource partner. The exercise was a ransomware attack on two internal and two external facing applications. The exercise explored the impact of the attack on all three organisations and how all three organisations would work together to respond to the incident and coordinate communications. After the exercise a post exercise report was written which contained recommendations for each organisation. 

PlanB Consulting then won a tender to deliver a series of incident team and application cyber playbooks which were delivered successfully within a tight timescale. PlanB Consulting has also been awarded, a three-year contract to conduct a programme of further exercises. 

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