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Auditing Services

PlanB can provide a variety of audits, including business continuity audits, resilience, cyber, capability, ISO 22301 and business continuity maturity assessments, gap analysis for your organisation.

Business Continuity audits and gap analysis are a vital part of evaluating an organisation’s Business Continuity capabilities and preparedness, whether as an initial step or as a routine review. By identifying areas of vulnerability within the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), improvements and recovery solutions can be implemented to ensure your arrangements keep pace with the ever-changing business environment.

Having helped hundreds of organisations over the last two decades, PlanB Consulting’s team have developed a Maturity Model that not only builds on theoretical best practice and requirements, but professional best practice and thought leadership too. We know that compliance against the international standards does not suit the design and culture of some organisations, so we ensure that we only suggest practical and pragmatic solutions to your resilience problems. Our experienced team of expert consultants can also assess your organisation against the requirements of the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines or ISO 22301 to ensure our offering is bespoke to your needs.

Business Continuity Audits

An audit of your business continuity plans and disaster recovery provisions are recommended to provide assurance that what you have in place is sufficient. Business Continuity Audits will check if your disaster plans will work when needed, and if the investment of time and money to date has been adequate to prevent a business failure. They may have been perfect when you put them in place, but have your plans kept up with the changing requirements as time has passed?

Business Continuity Audits can be done in many ways, from a quick health check to an indepth review. The extent of auditing required will depend on the risks involved and the level of damage these plans failing could inflict on the business.

Audit & Gap Analysis

We can complete an audit of your Business Continuity Plans, or any particular area within them, alongside a Gap Analysis to identify any weakness in your plans.

Capability Audits
We can audit your business continuity provision and ensure that your organisation has the capability to meet your plans.
Cyber Gap Analysis

PlanB Consulting will equip your organisation to effectively respond to cyber incidents and manage cyber risk.

ISO 22301 Internal Audit & Gap Analysis

We can carry out an internal audit that is aligned to the ISO22301 Security and Resilience BCMS standard, helping you to prepare for certification, or check your current compliance against the standard.

Maturity Assessments
We can review your present level of business continuity provisions, and audit them against our maturity assessment.
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