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ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301:2019 Security and Resilience – Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS)

PlanB Consulting’s Director, Kim Maclean-Bristol, is a lead auditor for ISO 22301 and sits on the British Standards Institute’s BCM/1, the BSI Committee responsible for Business Continuity and developing the UK’s input for the standard.   Our other Director, Charlie, is a Fellow of the BCI and contributes to the development of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG), this ensures that when we carry out an audit on any organisation’s BCMS, we can not only ensure that it is aligned with the ISO and the GPG, but we can also advise on the latest changes to the ISO and GPG, ensuring that your organisation is up to date after the audit.

PlanB Consulting was the first consultancy in Scotland to achieve BS25999 certification before it was withdrawn and we are currently certified to ISO 22301. We specialise in helping to take our clients through both Stage 1 and Stage 2 certifications. With first-hand experience on how to maintain the standard we can ensure that there are no non-conformities at each Stage of certification. 

Our Service


Discuss the need for ISO 22301
Your organisation may be considering certification to the standard or just aligning to it. PlanB Consulting can help inform internal discussion by giving the costs, business benefits and work requirement to achieve certification.


Carry out a Gap Analysis or play the role of an internal auditor
We can advise you on the gap between your existing level of Business Continuity planning and what is required to achieve ISO22301.  Your certification body will offer you a gap analysis prior to starting to working towards certification. PlanB
Consulting can provide a number of additional services that your certification body cannot, these include:

  • An estimate of the work required to achieve certification
  • An outline cost for completing the work
  • A project plan and generate product descriptions for completing the work

FInd out more about our Gap Analysis.


Work with you to prepare your organisation for certification
PlanB Consulting is happy to work with our clients to achieve certification and to work within the client’s time frames, staff resource availability, skill level and budget.

We can produce elements as required, or carry out all work required for ISO 22301 certification including knowledge transfer.  We can also produce individual products for a client to fill a knowledge gap, or help where there are time constraints such as:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Competency matrix
  • Developing the organisation’s Business Continuity Policy and Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
  • Audit program
  • Internal audit and self-assessment program
  • Continuous improvement
  • Management review of the BCMS

We can also provide training, mentoring and support to in-house Business Continuity Managers, Coordinators or staff.


Pre-audit Stage 1 or 2
PlanB Consulting can provide a pre-certification check to ensure that your organisation is ready for the audit.  If major or minor non-conformities are identified then PlanB Consulting can work with you to rectify them. PlanB Consulting can also produce action plans to be sent to the auditors to show how non conformities will be dealt with by corrective action.


Post certification and ongoing management of the BCMS
PlanB Consulting can provide your organisation with ongoing mentoring, training and support to in-house staff responsible for business continuity to maintain Business Continuity skills.  We can help to ensure and assess continuous improvement of the BCMS and Business Continuity provision.

As Business Continuity experts, PlanB Consulting can help your organisation implement ISO 22301.  

  1. We were a BS25999 (achieved 2010) and are ISO 22301 (achieved 2013) certified company.
  2. We were the first consultancy in Scotland to achieve the standard for their own organisation, and one of the first in the UK.
  3. We have been audited on our own ISO certification three times and we carry out an internal audit on a regular basis to ensure we are to the highest standard. 
  4. We have taken many organisations to ISO 22301 certification, from UK wide transport organisations, to data-centre companies. 
  5. Kim Maclean-Bristol is a certified ISO 22301 Lead Auditor and so she can carry out a ISO 22301 Internal audit or reviews. She is also qualified to teach the ICOR ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Course.
  6. Kim is on the Business Standards Institute BCM/1 Committee which is responsible for the UK input into the standard and its future development.
  7. We have worked with organisations across the UK and Europe, helping one business in Sweden to extend their certification to cover their USA operations. 
  8. We continue to provide support to maintain many organisations’ standard certifications on an annual basis.
  9. Several organisations we have helped to ISO 22301 certification, when audited, had no non-conformities.
  10. We have supported different types of clients, including a large multinational defence organisation and a major financial institution towards achieving the standard – including working with three different certification bodies.
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