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ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301 is the International Standard for Business Continuity Management.  Understand what ISO 22301 is, how to get ISO 22301 certified and the benefits of being ISO 22301 certification. 

ISO 22301:Ensuring Business Continuity Excellence

At PlanB Consulting, we take pride in aiding organisation to achieve ISO 22301 certification. 

What is ISO 22301?

ISO 22301 is the international standard for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS). It specifies the requirements for implementing, maintaining and improving the management system related to Business Continuity, and in turn reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring and assists in the preparation, response and recovery from a disruption. The requirements can be unique to your sector or general risks such as cyber-attacks, extreme weather conditions and operational disruptions.

Why Choose PlanB Consulting for ISO 22301 services?  

PlanB Consulting has successfully certified several businesses to the ISO 22301 standard and we have a strong track record in Business Continuity Management. Our team of consultants, led by Kim Maclean-Bristol, a certified ISO 22301 Lead Auditor, will guide and support you through each step of the process.

Additionally, PlanB Consulting was the first consultancy in Scotland to achieve BS25999 certification and successfully transitioned to ISO 22301 in 2013. Our commitment to maintaining ISO 22301 compliance ensures that your organisation receives the highest level of expertise and support throughout the certification process.

Our Approach: Ensuring Seamless Certification

PlanB consultants will work closely with your organisation to tailor the service and experience to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient certification journey.


The ISO 22301 Certification Process

PlanB consultants will work closely with your organisation to tailor the service and experience to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient certification journey:

Initial Assessment

We will start by understanding your specific need and requirements for ISO 22301. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the work requirements, commitment, associated costs and certification process.

Gap Analysis and Internal Audit

Our experienced consultants will conduct a thorough Gap Analysis to assess your current Business Continuity Management processes against the ISO 22301 requirements. We can also conduct internal audit services to identify areas of improvement to prepare for the certification process.

Certification Preparation

PlanB Consulting can assist you with the planning and preparation for the ISO 22301 certification. Our consultants work within your time frames, resources, and budget to ensure a seamless implementation of the standard. We provide the necessary elements, including training, mentoring and support, to ensure your staff are well-equipped to handle any challenges.

Pre Audit Support

Before the certification audit, we will conduct a pre-certification check to ensure you are prepped and ready. If any non-conformities are identified, we will work closely with you to address and rectify them promptly.

Post-Certification Support

Our commitment to your organisation’s success doesn’t end with certification. We offer ongoing mentoring, training, and support to maintain and improve your Business Continuity Management system.

Benefits of ISO 22301

Being certified and audited, or even just working to the standards of ISO 22301 has numerous benefits: 

  • Proactive identification and control of potential business threats.
  • Minimise the impact of incidents, ensuring your organisation’s resilience during challenging times.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to business continuity building trust among clients and stakeholders.


Global Law Firm

PlanB Consulting was approached by this global law firm in 2021 to initially conduct a simulated exercise for the senior leadership team. Following the exercise PlanB was asked to support the organisation to achieve ISO 22301 certification. PlanB was asked to conduct an internal audit of the company’s BCMS against ISO 22301. PlanB successfully completed the internal audit and identified several non-conformities and opportunities for improvement. The following year PlanB Consulting provided further support, with the implementation of BC to the ISO 22301 standard. This involved conducting a BIA for the London site and designing the development of a BC Operations Manual. This project was a huge success and the business passed both audits and successfully achieved ISO 22301 certification for their London office.  

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