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Business Continuity Exercises

Develop your resilience capability by putting your plans, procedures and people through their paces. PlanB takes pride in creating realistic, safe and challenging exercise environments to do just that. We have experience in managing multi-agency, global and complex exercises.  

Importance of Business Continuity Exercising

Business Continuity Exercises should be conducted on a regular basis as part of an ongoing series of BC plan updates.  

The benefits of regular exercising:  

  • Confident and well-rehearsed incident management teams
  • Quantitative assessment  
  • Identify training requirements 
  • Identify industry specific knowledge gaps 
  • Retain and reinforce the skills and knowledge gained 
  • Meeting ISO 22301 or audit requirements 
Cyber Exercises

“You are going to be hacked: Have a plan,” said Josef Demarest, of the FBI. “You should also test and exercise that plan”

Simulated Exercises (SIMEX)

A simulated exercise is an interactive, dynamic, fast-paced and complex method of exercising incident teams and plans, in a “real-life” crisis. 

Tabletop Exercises

At PlanB Consulting, we work closely with our clients to develop exercises that are tailored to their plans and processes whilst ensuring that the scenario is engaging and thought-provoking.

Team Assessments

PlanB Consulting has developed an Incident Team Performance Assessment methodology developed from best practice across a number of industries, including the military and emergency services, as well as research papers on Crisis Management.

Book – Business Continuity Exercises

PlanB has vast experience in developing and carrying out exercises. These have ranged from desktop exercises and walkthroughs to full multi-agency exercises.

Exercise Programmes

In the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) it states that: ‘An organisation’s continuity capability cannot be considered reliable or effective until it has been exercised’.

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