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Business Continuity Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis is a vital part of evaluating an organisation’s Business Continuity capabilities and preparedness.

Gap Analysis

 Gap Analysis is a vital part of evaluating an organisation’s Business Continuity capabilities and preparedness.

Its purpose is to identify any gaps or areas of weakness within your Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). These weaknesses may increase the likelihood or the impact of disruptive incidents. By carrying out regular gap analyses, your BCMS will become more robust, and the resilience of the organisation will be improved as a result, ensuring that Business Continuity arrangements keep pace with the ever changing business environment. A gap analysis can be carried out on its own or as part of an audit depending on the maturity of the organisation’s BCMS.

Business Continuity Audit

We can complete an audit of your Business Continuity Plans, or any particular area within them.  The audit will identify the existing level of Business Continuity Preparedness within your organisation, and compare it against pre-agreed standards.

PlanB Consulting has developed a Business Continuity Maturity Model, which compares the capabilities of our clients against industry standards and best practice, showing clear steps for improvement. The results are collated and presented in a report which gives an overall score and a list of recommendations that should be carried out. 

The audit report provides a useful comparison against international standards, and sets a clear programme for improvement; if carried out, this will in turn improve Business Continuity arrangements within your organisation and enhance the overall resilience and robustness.

PlanB can audit the BCMS of the entire organisation or we can focus on a particular aspect or area. Our clients have found this to be very helpful when a certain area within the business has experienced a large change or may be getting brought into the scope of the BCMS. 

PlanB Consulting provides a specialist service ensuring that each organisation benefits from our expertise.


Online Food Delivery Company

PlanB consulting was approached by this online food delivery company to carry out a gap analysis on their business continuity provision prior to their listing on the London stock exchange in 2021. 

After successfully completing the gap analysis PlanB Consulting conducted a full business continuity lifecycle rollout. The rollout had to be completed within 10 weeks to meet their IPO timetable. The deadline was met, and several additional projects were also completed in parallel. Including the development of a Travel Security Response Plan and a Cyber Playbook.

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