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Ongoing Support for Exercise programmes

Implementing a 3-5 year exercise programme will enforce the regular testing of plans ensuring that you are equipped to manage any crisis and reinforcing the efficacy of your plans and response teams. 

Implementing a 3-5 year exercise programme will enforce the regular testing of plans, identify training gaps within the incident management team and allow for the demonstration of ongoing improvement.  It can allow for the testing of new risks as the plans are updated. This type of exercising support programme is popular with organisations who previously neglected to test their plans on a regular basis. The support provided will be designed to suit your requirements and can include the full range of exercise options.  

  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Simulated Exercises 
  • Cyber Exercises 
  • Crisis Management Exercises
  • Crisis Communication Exercises
  • Operational Resilience Exercises

For all exercises, there will be a written exercise instruction and a comprehensive post-exercise report. Additional services can include individual and team assessments allowing for the development and improvement of individual and team skills and the ability to manage an incident. 


Large Utilities Company –

 3 year Exercise Programme

This utilities company engaged PlanB Consulting to develop and deliver a programme of four annual exercises on a three-year contract. The annual programme of exercises included tabletops, workshops and a major simulated exercise. PlanB worked closely with the BC contacts and technical experts to develop realistic and challenging scenarios to meet the aims and objectives of the exercises. All materials and documentation were developed by PlanB Consultants and PlanB facilitators were based with each exercise response team to observe and provide coaching (as necessary) to support an effective response and valuable learning environment. A post-exercise report was submitted after each exercise to identify lessons learned and provide a road map to improving procedures, plans and the overall organisational response. 

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