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SIMEX/Command Post Exercises/Live Exercises

PlanB Consulting offers a wide range of response exercises for organisations to explore and practice their incident management plans.

We have delivered a large number of different exercises from a full SIMEX (Simulated Exercise / Command Post exercise) for a Private Bank, to Table Top Exercises for government organisations, emergency services and financial organisations.

We will plan your exercise to be different from the standard business continuity or crisis management scenarios. The exercise will involve strategic response, be challenging and have media interest. The scenario will be credible and tie-in with current real incidents.

We can include MITS, our Media Incident Training Simulator, in our Tabletop and Live exercises. 

Simulated Exercise (SIMEX) or Full Scale Exercises

A simulated exercise is a more interactive and complex method of exercising incident teams and response documentation. These sessions are usually delivered using a combination of role-players and PlanB Consulting’s in-house Media Incident Training Simulator (MITS). This type of exercise is much more dynamic and fast-paced, allowing the team to respond as they would in a real-life situation.

PlanB Consulting provide role players who are responsible for calling members of the team to feed in injects or request information as would happen in reality. We also utilise our interactive Media Incident Training Simulator (MITS) platform, to mock-up news articles, industry publications, tweets from the public, and allow the team to practise communicating and releasing statement as they would do in a real incident.

Figure 2 shows how a simulated exercise might be set-up physically on the day, with the crisis or incident team room on the right, and the role player cell on the left.

Figure 2: Simulated Exercise Set-Up

A SIMEX can involve participants from across the globe, PlanB Consulting previously ran an exercise where one response team was based in London, another was in Mexico whilst our role players and MITS Operator were in Glasgow.  

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