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Supply Chain Risk Management Training

This course is aimed at teaching people how to understand and mitigate the risks associated with supply chain and outsourced operations.


“A new age of supply chain control efforts and localization attempts has arrived. The era of not looking too closely at supply chains, trusting suppliers, and optimizing for cost is probably over” (quote from McKinsey & Company article: War in Ukraine: Lives and livelihoods, lost and disrupted. 

This course is aimed at teaching people how to understand and mitigate the risks associated with supply chain and outsourced operations. All organisations whether they are large or small are dependent on their suppliers, supply chain, outsourced operations and utilities that provide them with telecoms, water, gas and power. This course will look at the identification of supply chain risks and how to mitigate them, thus making your organisation more resilient. The course takes into account the requirements of PD25222 guidance on supply chain continuity.

This course has now been adopted by the BCI and is now sold throughout their franchise providers worldwide.


The syllabus will be as follows:


Introduction to supply chain, case studies and understanding the organisation external dependencies


Identifying supply chain risks and supply chain modelling


Tools, techniques and methodologies for mitigating supply chain risks


Supply chain and business continuity


Where do you start


Supporting literature and further help

Who should attend

Those who have an understanding of business continuity and who want to develop further their skills by understanding one of their key risks. It will also benefit those within purchasing, supply chain, contact management and procurement to better understand and mitigate their supply chain risks.

Duration and Cost

The duration for this course will be one day. The fee is available on request.

Course author and presenter

This course has been developed and written by Charlie Maclean-Bristol. He is a highly respected business continuity practitioner with a special interest in supply chain. In 2011 he was awarded Business Continuity Consultant of the year at the CIR awards. He has presented on supply chain at a number of seminars and conferences and was asked to write the chapter on supply chain for the latest edition of the “Definitive handbook of business continuity management“. He submitted a number of amendments and comments to the “Guidance on supply chain continuity” PD 25222:2011 which were incorporated within the document. His Supply Chain Risk Management course has been adopted by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) as part of their portfolio of training and is used by the BCIs training providers worldwide. Charlie has presented the course to a wide audience including amongst others RBS, Iron Mountain, Government Security Organisations and manufacturing companies.

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