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Cyber Briefings for Managers/C-Suite

PlanB Consulting will train your managers and C-Suite to prepare for and manage the non technical response to cyber incidents. 

PlanB Consulting has extensive experience in carrying out cyber briefings for senior managers and C-suite ensuring that senior leadership teams understand the threats, current levels of cyber resilience and the non-technical response and issues they could face during a cyber incident. Having a robust cyber risk management plan in place is only one piece of the puzzle; having educated buy in from your Senior Managers is equally important to the plan’s success.

An initial assessment will be done and all training sessions will be bespoke. All training sessions are bespoke to the requirements of the Cyber Incident Response Team and can range from one hour to half-day training sessions. The NCSC “Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards”, can also be used as a framework for the Training.


A typical training agenda:

  • The cyber incident landscape and review of recent incidents.
  • Understanding the different types of cyber threats.
  • Understanding your risk profile and the impacts of a cyber incident.
  • The role of the crisis management team / gold team / strategic team in managing an incident.
  • Crisis communications during a cyber incident.
  • Regulatory reporting requirements.
  • The advantages, disadvantages and issues associated with paying a ransom.


International Energy Company

A Cyber Gap Analysis was performed followed by the development of a cyber playbook and exercise. 

PlanB Consulting was asked by a large international energy company to review their preparedness for managing a cyber incident. PlanB conducted a series of interviews to understand what was already in place and to identify any gaps. This report was presented to the senior management team. Two areas were highlighted by the report. The company didn’t have any plans in place for responding to a cyber incident and their crisis team had not recently taken part in an exercise. PlanB developed a cyber playbook and conducted a desk top exercise. After the exercise the playbook was updated and a lessons learned document was produced. 

 Due to the success of the exercise, PlanB Consulting is in discussion to carry out a further exercise and conduct a similar project for one of the international subsidiaries. 

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