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GCU - Glasgow Caledonian University

PlanB Consulting have a long-established relationship with Glasgow Caledonian University through their excellent undergraduate and postgraduate risk management programmes which provides students with an understanding of business continuity management, crisis management, cyber risk as well as organisational resilience.

Not only has PlanB Consulting provided guest lectures and seminars at Glasgow Caledonian University, but we have also attended events for employment opportunities for students. PlanB Consulting has employed several graduates from both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, many of whom are still working with PlanB Consulting, and others who have moved into other areas of resilience.

PlanB Consulting sponsor the award for the best Business Continuity student at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in early 2023 welcomed the postgraduate winner into the office for a week’s work experience and to collect their prize. Such collaborations help fuse the academic knowledge the students gain regarding business continuity and risk management with the practical aspect of how to use the gained knowledge in the workplace.

Sarath Madhu Kumar being awarded his certificate for Best Performing Post Graduate student on the Business Continuity and Crisis Management Module Award from Glasgow Caledonian University.

PlanB Consulting also work with the Risk Management department of Glasgow Caledonian University regarding any potential research and further collaborative projects where the academic expertise of Glasgow Caledonian University and the practical Business Continuity & Crisis Management skills of PlanB Consulting can benefit a range of businesses and local authorities.

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