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Tabletop Exercises

At PlanB Consulting, we work closely with our clients to develop exercises that are tailored to their plans and processes whilst ensuring that the scenario is engaging and thought-provoking.

Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

A tabletop exercise is a simple, straightforward way to exercise a response plan and provide an opportunity for incident management teams to test their response to a crisis. It creates a discussion-based solution that allows the team to explore the impacts and issues associated with a chosen scenario.  

PlanB Consulting has successfully delivered and facilitated hundreds of table top exercises and will work closely with you to develop an exercise that is tailored to your plans and processes whilst ensuring that the scenario is engaging and thought provoking. The session will also be tailored to meet your objectives. 

For all exercises, there will be a written exercise instruction and a comprehensive post-exercise report. 


Government Agency responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK

PlanB Consulting designed and delivered a set of Business Continuity training exercises for this government agency. The exercises focused on four scenarios, challenging teams to respond by drawing on available resources to manage the incidents effectively. We also ran a high-profile tabletop exercise for the Gold and Silver teams which included the use of MITS (Media Incident Training Simulator). The use of MITS gave the teams the opportunity to practise their media communications in a high pressured, high-profile, reputational incident.

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