PlanB Consulting

Crisis Communications Plans Development

Our Crisis Management Plans create robust frameworks for your organisation to manage any incident and communicate with the right people in the right ways.

We have helped a number of organisations develop a crisis communications plan either as part of a strategic plan or as a stand alone document.

Crisis Communications Training

PlanB Consulting has trained teams in the use of their plans or developed the skills needed for successfully managing communications during a crisis.

Stakeholder Mapping

The full range of stakeholders is not often included within the organisation’s plans. This can cause key stockholders or interested parties not to be contacted or “forgotten” during incidents. The interested person not contacted could be your loudest critic. PlanB Consulting will work with your senior managers and communication professionals to develop a stakeholder map. This will include, who you will need to communicate with, how it will be carried out, when you need to communicate and what are you going to tell them.

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