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Here you will find articles, archive blogs and case studies that PlanB have used or created over the years. To find information please type a keyword into the search box or click on the relevant tag.

We publish weekly updates from the business continuity world, covering recent news items or reflecting on our travels and experiences with clients.

Charlie addresses topics from a Business Continuity perspective and you might be surprised how much of today’s news relates to BC! Providing valuable insight, Charlie raises critical questions which will surely encourage you to reconsider your Business Continuity plans.

Hurry Up and Wait…

Waiting is an underrated skill. In the army, one of the concepts we were always working towards was “hurry up and wait”. The concept is that we should be rapidly moving from one location to the next, usually very early in the morning. Then when we have arrived at the next location, wait around for hours for something

Verisimilitude and its Importance in Exercises

In today’s bulletin, Charlie explains how he creates excellent exercises for organisations to use and play out using verisimilitude. Learn how to engage your employees and create memorable business continuity exercises. This week I have been running a SIMEX exercise, and over the past three days, I have been producing collateral, injects and simulated media and social media

Our Work with Aruba’s Water Suppliers

We have been proudly working with WEB Aruba to help them create crisis management plans and run exercises. Here is their press release on our latest exercise. WEB Aruba organises ‘water rationing plan’ exercise How prepared are we in the event that water production and distribution comes to a stop at WEB? This week, the Crisis Management Department

My Thoughts On Online Exercises

In today’s bulletin, I share some thoughts on conducting exercises online. This week I conducted an online exercise and it got me thinking about what the benefits and downsides are of running exercises online: It is very easy to conduct one as most incident management teams are virtual at the moment and responding to COVID-19, so carrying out

20/20 Vision: Comments on Exercise Cygnus (UK’s pandemic exercise in 2016)

Today Charlie discusses how Exercise Cygnus, the UK’s pandemic exercise in 2016, holds up against the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19. UK the “most prepared country”? The UK government has had a lot of criticism in the press about them being unprepared to respond to COVID-19, despite the 2019 Global Health Security Index Report in which we were rated

Exercise Programmes – What Are They?

In today’s bulletin Charlie looks at different exercises your organisation can carry out to verify your end-to-end business continuity solution. I am all Brexited out this week and even though I have been running a business continuity exercise in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I have been following the twists and turns avidly. Yesterday was almost like watching a real

Don’t get hung up on the scenario when planning a business continuity exercise

This week I look at the objectives, format and scenario of business continuity exercises, and I explain why scenarios are not the most important factor when planning an exercise. I have seen many a business continuity manager, both experienced and not so experienced, devising the most fiendish and clever scenario they can think of and working the entire exercise around that

Recent Terrorist Attacks – Practice Makes Perfect

This week Charlie looks at the response to the recent terror attacks and discusses the importance of exercising plans for these kind of events. Again, like the terrorist attack in Manchester, the response by individuals to the London Bridge terror attack last Saturday made me proud to be British. The off-duty policeman rugby tackling one of the terrorists, the

Man down – Live exercising some thoughts…

This week I have has taken on a piece of work which will involve running a live exercise. I share my thoughts and questions on possible scenarios, and asks for advice from those of you that have run many of these type of live exercises. I have been in London this week, delivering the BCI Introduction to Business Continuity Management course to

05/09/2014 The Importance of Debriefing

Charlie discusses how you can make the most of debriefs. Last week two items came together which reminded me of the importance of debriefing.  As an independent party, who was not involved or from the area of the incident, I was asked to debrief a major incident that a company had been involved in. Throughout last week the news was filled

Exercising Is Not Enough. . . .

A horrific image in the news this week was that of the Egyptian balloon which caught fire and plunged to the ground killing 19 of its passengers, only the pilot and one passenger survived. This week I have been on site with a client; we have been running a series of exercises and have been thinking about the

Learning from Incidents

I was sent an exercise report from a colleague in Shetland who had taken part in Exercise Sulla, an exercise looking at the response to an incident similar to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I am working on doing some incident training for the team which would respond to an incident. One of the

The Definitive List of Exercise Scenarios

I put the following post on the Linkedin BCMIX  Group about a month ago. I asked readers to help me compile the definitive list of exercise scenarios. I have had about 50 replies so far. The list can be found at http://bit.ly/hWqiil. I have also put some information on what events the scenario is good for and the likely

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