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Here you will find articles, archive blogs and case studies that PlanB have used or created over the years. To find information please type a keyword into the search box or click on the relevant tag.

We publish weekly updates from the business continuity world, covering recent news items or reflecting on our travels and experiences with clients.

Charlie addresses topics from a Business Continuity perspective and you might be surprised how much of today’s news relates to BC! Providing valuable insight, Charlie raises critical questions which will surely encourage you to reconsider your Business Continuity plans.

A Guide to Writing Contingency Plans and Playbooks

This week, Charlie goes into depth about different contingency plans, how to know which plan suits which incident, and how to create a framework that works for you! I have spoken about the requirement for writing generic response plans in a previous bulletin. This is a framework that covers all responses to any type of incident. The concept

Cyber Playbooks – Updated & Revisited

Charlie discusses developing a new kind of playbook which could help you plan for different types of cyber-attack. This week I have had a bit of an epic journey. I started off in Shetland and ended the week in Abu Dhabi, having spent a couple of days in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I only visited one company in Saudi,

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