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Here you will find articles, archive blogs and case studies that PlanB have used or created over the years. To find information please type a keyword into the search box or click on the relevant tag.

We publish weekly updates from the business continuity world, covering recent news items or reflecting on our travels and experiences with clients.

Charlie addresses topics from a Business Continuity perspective and you might be surprised how much of today’s news relates to BC! Providing valuable insight, Charlie raises critical questions which will surely encourage you to reconsider your Business Continuity plans.

Business Continuity Planning for Schools

In today’s bulletin, Charlie looks at the importance of business continuity plans in schools and discusses some of the events that schools should be planning for. Over the last few weeks, I have been working with an Academy Trust that has a number of primary and secondary schools, and I thought this week I would share what I

Lessons Identified from the Taiwan Earthquake

In today’s bulletin, Charlie discusses the devastating earthquake that has hit Taiwan and highlights the importance of ‘lessons learned’ after a disaster. We are accustomed to witnessing mass casualties from earthquakes. The Turkey earthquake, reported to have killed 56,000 people in February 2023 and the Morocco earthquake in September of the same year, which claimed approximately 3,000 lives,

Artificial Intelligence, Business Continuity, and the Scottish Continuity Group

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie reflects on his recent Scottish Continuity Group conference and talks about the potentials of artificial intelligence (AI) in our organisations. This week, I attended the Scottish Continuity Group conference, which had a great turnout and featured numerous excellent speakers. Thanks to the organisers, it was a well-run and organised event. It was particularly

Drones – A New Business Continuity threat

This week, Charlie discusses the use of drones and the disruption they can cause, and looks at why they are being used more frequently. A couple of ideas inspired me to write this bulletin this week. I have been closely following the Ukraine war, especially as I am ex-military and have been fascinated by the rapidly changing use

Ten Business Continuity Trends to Watch in 2024

The first bulletin of the year highlights some trends that Charlie thinks will show up this year, and he gives some advice to organisations on how to be prepared for these. Happy New Year to all readers! I hope you were able to have a good break. This is the time of year to look forward to 2024

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