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We have been proudly working with WEB Aruba to help them create crisis management plans and run exercises. Here is their press release on our latest exercise.

WEB Aruba organises ‘water rationing plan’ exercise

How prepared are we in the event that water production and distribution comes to a stop at WEB? This week, the Crisis Management Department at WEB organized a rationing plan exercise. With this exercise teams of WEB along with representatives of the national crisis team, trained how to set up a water distribution point in crisis situations, in the event that the regular system is not functioning long-term. At this distribution point a tubing system was connected with different faucets, so that more than 1 person could retrieve water at the same time. In addition, a set up was made for registration, parking, lines of people, and much more. The exercise forms part of WEB’s ‘Business Continuity Plan.’ This is not the first exercise related to crisis. WEB Aruba has a structural approach to be as prepared as possible for crisis situations.

Water is a primary necessity of life, and it is WEB’s responsibility, also during crisis, to supply water to the community of Aruba. For that reason it is very important that there is a rationing plan. Rationing can be defined as a controlled distribution of resources that are scarce. In this case, the scarce resource is water.

The exercise consisted of two parts. The first part took place in the morning at WEB, where the role and responsibilities of all who form part of the rationing plan were defined. The second part took place at noon in front of Joe Laveist Sport Park in San Nicolas. Here, a simulation was set up of the distribution point.

The WEB Crisis Management Department reflects on a very fruitful rationing exercise plan. Aside from a few points of adaptation, participants received a good outlook on the procedures and roles in the event of rationing and how this functions in practice.

WEB Aruba represents cluster 7, which is the utilities cluster in the Aruba Crisis Team. Aside from the WEB teams, the representatives of the other clusters of the national crisis team also participated in the exercise. This includes representatives of Departments for the Disaster Relief Office (BRA), Fire Department, Aruba Police Force (KPA), Department of Public Health (DVG), Department of Social Affairs (DSZ), Public Works (DOW), Aruba Ports Authority (APA), and tourism. WEB thanks all participants for their active participation.

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