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Here you will find articles, archive blogs and case studies that PlanB have used or created over the years. To find information please type a keyword into the search box or click on the relevant tag.

We publish weekly updates from the business continuity world, covering recent news items or reflecting on our travels and experiences with clients.

Charlie addresses topics from a Business Continuity perspective and you might be surprised how much of today’s news relates to BC! Providing valuable insight, Charlie raises critical questions which will surely encourage you to reconsider your Business Continuity plans.

The Minimum Business Continuity Objective: The Cinderella of the BIA

This week I explain what the minimum business continuity objective (MBCO) is and how to use it. The minimum business continuity objective (MBCO) is, in my opinion, an extremely important component of the business impact analysis (BIA). I have always thought that it is the poor cousin to the MTPD (maximum tolerable period of disruption): not used very often

3gBC – Sending the BIA to FatFighters

Following on from his concept of ‘Third Generation Business Continuity’, Charlie provides us with his thoughts on how to reduce your BIA and the advantages of doing so. In the words of Marjorie Dawes from Little Britain, “You is fat! You one big fatty thing!” For many, this is an apt description of their BIA. It is a

Why I no longer look at financial impacts when conducting a BIA

Charlie looks at the evolution of the BIA and explains his reasons for no longer looking at financial impacts when conducting a BIA. This week I spent some time teaching the GPG course in-house for a bank. We had a long discussion on BIAs and the advantages and disadvantages of including financial impacts in a BIA. So I thought I would

Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD)

To celebrate Nadiya Hussain winning the ‘Great British Bake Off’ this week, I thought I would look at a way of explaining a ‘technical challenge’ to us business continuity people – the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD). One of the key parts in the development of business continuity is identifying an organisation’s priority activities; which ones we need

Lessons learned from conducting BIA’s in manufacturing

I have been talking about doing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), on the building manufacturing plants in the Philippines, where I am presently working. Someone asked me why I was spending so much time developing the BIA template and planning the BIA workshop. Surely, ‘as a consultant you have a standard presentation and template which only needs to

Defining your RTOs (recovery time objectives)

This week Charlie highlights to Business Continuity Managers the importance of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). Defining the RTOs of your activities, I believe is one of the most critical activities the Business Continuity Manager will carry out. Get them wrong and the whole basis for your business continuity recovery is flawed. Often the RTO can be driven by internal politics

14/03/14 Business Impact Analyses

The following article was published on the Microsoft website and written by Nick Saalfeld of Wells Park Communications. It’s been a sobering start to the year for many businesses. Much of the Somerset Levels is under water. Great swathes of lowland Britain is soggy, making travel difficult. The gorgeous town of Dawlish has had its railway washed away –

0 Hours RTO

The Italian earthquake and the recent eruption of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano both show the sheer power of nature and that whatever measures we put in place to try and stop nature, our attempts can be quickly overwhelmed. Recently I have been working with an organisation which provides data centres. It is a business which, until now, I didn’t know very much about. The company provides the shell

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