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Business Continuity Training

BC-Training is PlanB’s “sister” company and delivers a variety of business continuity training courses to businesses and the public. 

Consulting’s Directors are approved BCI instructors and regularly work with our partners, Business Continuity Training (BCT), to provide the Business Continuity Institutes (BCI) approved training. The business continuity institutes (BCI) CBCI course is the basic course all business continuity parishioners should pass. The CBCI Training course is delivered through our partner company. The training is available both as a private in-house course as well as a public course. This training is delivered through our sister company www.b-c-training.com. 

    Business Continuity Training - Cyber Incident Management Training (NCSC Certified)

The BCT Certification in Cyber Incident Management Training teaches a non-technical response, on how to prepare to manage a cyber incident and manage communications surrounding the incident. This course is aimed at members at a crisis management and strategic level.  

Cyber Incident Management Training will cover cyber risks, developing playbooks, GDPR when reporting incidents and relationship management.   

On completion of the course, each candidate will take a one-hour multiple choice exam. The BCT Certificate in Cyber Incident Management course is based on good practice from a variety of government and private organisations. The course has been certified by NCSC and is the only certified course that deals with reputational issues associated with the preparing for and responding to a cyber incident 

Benefits of taking part in this Cyber Incident Management course will enable you look at the preparation which can be carried out prior to a cyber incident occurring, gain knowledge in the different types of cyber-attacks and cyber incident landscape, building a cyber playbook and planning and running a cyber exercise.  

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