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Simulated Exercises (SIMEX)

PlanB Consulting offers a wide range of response exercises for organisations to explore and practice their incident management plans.

Simulated Exercise (SIMEX)​

A simulated exercise is an interactive, dynamic, fast-paced and complex method of exercising incident teams and plans, in a “real-life” crisis. These sessions are delivered using a combination of role-players, umpires and can also include PlanB Consulting’s in-house Media Incident Training Simulator (MITS). PlanB Consulting offers a wide range of response simulated exercises for organisations to explore and practise their incident management plans.

Picture the scene, a “real-life incident” where the incident management team are put through their paces to manage the emerging crisis or incident. The exercise can be as complex, or not, as you would like it to be.  PlanB Consulting will follow an agreed exercise format and can mimic stakeholders, employees and the general public and call members of the incident team to feed injects or request information about the incident. The incident can escalate as required and can also fast forward a number of hours or days to make sure that the team exercise and see the entire scenario through to completion.  

PlanB’s MITS software will mock-up News articles, industry publications, tweets and chatter from social media to complicate things and force the team to practise communicating and releasing media statements during the incident.  

The exercise will be challenging, thought provoking and realistic. 

For all exercises, there will be a written exercise instruction and a comprehensive post exercise report. 

Media Incident Training Simulator (MITS) is PlanB Consulting’s award winning Social Media Simulator, a bespoke training platform that allows users to “safely” interact and practice responding to press, media and social media channels during an incident.  

The programme produces news articles or tweets relating to the incident in real time exposure prompting further discussion. This is a creative way of progressing the scenario and delivering injects during a crisis exercise. All posts are time and date stamped so after the exercise the response can be replayed and analysed. The system is secure and on a secure website so there is no chance of an exercise being mistaken for a real event.  


Media Incident Training Simulator


International Renewable Energy Company

PlanB Consulting recently developed and delivered a Simulated Management Exercise for a large international renewable energy provider. The exercise was developed closely with both regional and international HSE management, utilising a scenario identified in the company’s risk register and from PlanB Consulting’s experience with similar providers. The exercise was coordinated and delivered to three locations. A Post-Exercise Report was delivered with observations and recommendations, which they are planning to implement worldwide alongside PlanB Consulting. 

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