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PlanB Consulting enjoyed a delightful evening at the CIR (Continuity, Insurance & Risk) Awards held in London last week, sponsored by PlanB Consulting. Amidst an atmosphere of celebration and recognition, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the deserving winners who demonstrated exceptional achievements in their respective fields. Among the remarkable talents acknowledged, we are particularly delighted to honor Andrea Stone, whose outstanding accomplishments earned her the esteemed title of Public Sector Manager of the Year, a sponsored award by PlanB Consulting.

Andrea Stone’s remarkable dedication and expertise have set an exceptionally high standard in the industry. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her unwavering leadership in the public sector have made her a true role model. The Public Sector Manager of the Year award recognises Andrea’s exceptional contributions to the field, acknowledging her visionary approach, strategic acumen, and remarkable achievements in driving resilience and continuity within the public sector.

As a trusted consulting firm specialising in business continuity and risk management, PlanB Consulting understands the significance of outstanding professionals like Andrea Stone. Her notable accomplishments reflect her unwavering commitment to ensuring the resilience of critical public sector services and the safety of communities.

The CIR Awards serve as a platform to celebrate and honor individuals and organisations that demonstrate exemplary performance, innovation, and dedication in the field of risk and resilience. PlanB Consulting takes immense pride in sponsoring the Public Sector Manager of the Year award, as it aligns with our mission to support and recognise exceptional talent in the industry.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Andrea Stone and express our gratitude for her contributions to the public sector. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to our team and the broader business continuity community.

PlanB Consulting remains committed to delivering industry-leading services, helping organisations navigate complex risks, and building resilient systems that can withstand disruptions. By recognising outstanding professionals like Andrea Stone, we reaffirm our dedication to promoting excellence and driving continuous improvement within the field of business continuity and risk management.

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