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PlanB Consulting Partners with Closed Door Security – 9th June 2023

PlanB Consulting is excited to announce its partnership with Closed Door Security, a leading provider of Penetration/Intrusion Testing services. This collaboration brings you the opportunity to fortify your organisation’s resilience against both cyber and physical threats.

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, it is crucial for businesses to regularly assess their system and building security to identify potential vulnerabilities. Through our partnership with Closed Door Security, we offer a comprehensive testing solution that goes beyond surface-level evaluations, providing robust analysis to safeguard your most valuable assets.

Penetration/Intrusion Testing involves simulated attacks on your organisation’s infrastructure, systems, and physical security measures. By employing a team of highly skilled professionals, Closed Door Security conducts controlled assessments to identify weak points and potential entry points for malicious actors. This proactive approach allows you to take corrective actions, strengthen your defenses, and minimise the risk of breaches or intrusions.

Our partnership with Closed Door Security ensures that you receive cutting-edge expertise in testing and analysis. Their team employs the latest techniques, tools, and methodologies to simulate real-world scenarios and uncover vulnerabilities that could pose a threat to your organisation’s operations and data security.

By engaging our Penetration/Intrusion Testing services, you can gain invaluable insights into your systems’ resilience and overall security posture. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor the testing approach accordingly. Following the assessments, you will receive a comprehensive report highlighting the identified vulnerabilities and recommended remediation strategies.

PlanB Consulting and Closed Door Security are committed to empowering organisations to proactively address potential security gaps. We understand that every business is unique, and our collaborative approach ensures that the testing services are tailored to your specific needs, industry regulations, and risk appetite.

Take the proactive step towards bolstering your organisation’s resilience against cyber and physical threats.

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