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Last night marked the prestigious BCI European Awards. Team PlanB had high hopes as they had three nominees in contention: Gavin Watt for Consultant of the Year, Jamie Lees for Newcomer of the Year, and Charlie Maclean-Bristol for Volunteer of the Year. The event was skillfully orchestrated and hosted by Milena Manerva. The members of Team PlanB were eagerly anticipating the results.

Their anticipation was well-founded, as they emerged victorious in two out of the three categories they had entered. Jamie Lees was awarded Newcomer of the Year, a category that drew significant attention due to its inclusion of professionals who have been active in the business continuity and resilience industry over the past five years. Charlie Maclean-Bristol secured the Volunteer of the Year award. This accolade holds substantial significance for him, given his dedication to the industry through activities like blogging, teaching, and contributing to the creation of BC standards.

Team PlanB extends hearty congratulations to all the nominees and winners, acknowledging the immense efforts invested by each individual, regardless of the outcome. A special mention goes out to their sister partner, BC Training, for securing the title of Continuity and Resilience Provider for a Service or Product 2023 Winner.

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