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PlanB’s New Charity Partner, Cash for Kids – 29th of May

What better way to kickstart the week than by unveiling our new charity partner, Cash for Kids West of Scotland ! We are thrilled to join forces with this remarkable organization, known for its unwavering dedication to supporting vulnerable children within our communities.

Cash for Kids tirelessly works to uplift and empower those children who need it the most. Their commitment to making a difference is truly inspiring. Here are just a few examples of the incredible work they do:

  • Fundraising for Local Children: Cash for Kids raises funds to provide support to local children living in poverty, with a specific focus on addressing the issue of holiday hunger.
  • School Holiday Support: During school holidays, Cash for Kids collaborates with local groups and projects to offer a range of essential services. This includes providing nutritious hot meals, organizing engaging activities, day trips, educational workshops, and offering vital mental health support.
  • Essential Family Fund: The organization ensures families in need have access to basic essentials by supplying them with emergency assistance through the Essential Family Fund. This includes grants to purchase food, fuel, clothing, and other critical items.
  • Focused Local Impact: Cash for Kids ensures that 100% of the funds raised are reinvested within Glasgow and the wider West of Scotland region, making a direct and tangible impact on the lives of children in need.
  • Significant Grants: In 2022 alone, Cash for Kids granted an impressive £2.2 million to support 72,000 children in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. These funds enable the organization to provide vital assistance and resources to those who require it most.

We are excited to actively participate in various fundraising events and initiatives throughout the year, all aimed at generating substantial support and financial contributions for this exceptional charity. By working together, we aim to maximise our impact and help Cash for Kids West of Scotland continue their invaluable work in our local communities.

Stay tuned for updates on our fundraising activities as we channel our efforts towards making a meaningful difference for these deserving children. Together, we can create positive change and provide a brighter future for those who need it most.

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