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Exciting news! PlanB is thrilled to announce our nomination for this year’s CI Awards. We have been nominated for two esteemed categories: Consultancy of the Year and Strategy through Partnership.

The nomination for Strategy through Partnership highlights a significant collaboration between ourselves and the London Borough of Lambeth. Over the course of a couple of years, PlanB has been instrumental in assisting Lambeth with their Business Continuity initiatives. What began as a singular project has blossomed into a robust partnership, characterised by shared goals and mutual success.

Our partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth has been a rewarding journey, marked by progress and strengthened relationships.

The collaboration between PlanB and Lambeth has not only led to the successful execution of various projects but has also fostered a deep sense of pride in witnessing Lambeth’s growth and evolution witing the robustness towards Business Continuity. We are very proud to see how far they have come. We are honoured that they allowed us to enter this award together.

With the anticipation building for the upcoming CIR Awards evening event, PlanB extends our congratulations to all nominees and wishes everyone the best of luck. The event promises to be a celebration of excellence and innovation within the Business Continuity Industry.

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