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How prepared are you for any major incidents over the holiday period?

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence day weekend, Easter weekend, the peak of school summer breaks – there are a few times in the year when businesses either shut down completely, or reduce their staff to a skeleton crew to run the office or man the warehouse.  These times of year often coincide with the biggest threats to business continuity.

In this free resource we look at:

  1. How prepared are you for managing an incident with a skeleton staff?
  2. How to prepare for the worst in Winter.
  3. How many staff is ‘enough’?
  4. A Checklist for the loss of people
  5. A Cyber Attack at Christmas – Learning Points from the SEPA Cyber Incident from last Christmas Eve.

“Police Scotland recommended that SEPA and the wider public sector organisations within Scotland should review Cyber Incident Response Plans, ransomware and data loss playbooks and, as an exercise priority, test them against an enterprise-level ransomware and data theft attack”.
From SEPA’s Response and Recovery from a Major Cyber Attack

Download our FREE guide to successfully preparing and exercising your business continuity plans for any holiday period.

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