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We’ve been to BCI World Hybrid 2022! In  this week’s bulletin, Charlie talks about the highlights from BCI World Hybrid 2022 and discusses the growth in the Business Continuity community.

  1. The face-to-face conference was sold out weeks prior to the event, so there is still a strong demand to learn more about business continuity and an interest in bringing back face-to-face meetings. There was lots of hope for next year that we would go back to a bigger venue and a two-day conference.
  2. Business continuity generation 3.0 is well entrenched and leading the show. There was almost none of generation 1.0, the founders of BC from 20 years ago, and my generation, 2.0, had dwindling numbers. Most of the sessions were either facilitated by, or run by, 3.0ers (3.0 ers of note were Milena Minerva, Kate Needham-Bennett and Susi Ansary).
  3. The conference was almost 50% female and 2/3 under 50 which to me is also a good sign of the strength of the session.
  4. Nobody still really knows what resilience that we all want and need actually is, and there is still no defined agreement on how to implement it.
  5. The conference felt quite international with a sprinkling of South Africans, Portuguese, Spanish, Germans, Americans, and Canadians.
  6. The vendors always give something away about what is selling. There were no notification systems, there were a number of challenges to the big two software vendors and there were a couple of companies who sold exercise systems. Continuity Shop were not there nor were there any consultancies like PlanB Consulting.
  7. Most of the session went beyond the normal process of business continuity and concentrated on periphery issues which I thought again was a sign of professional maturing. I especially enjoyed Alan Elwood talking about synergies between endurance athletes and members of a crisis team managing an incident.
  8. Business continuity is booming in Germany and doubled in volume during and after the pandemic.

We look forward to seeing you there next year!

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