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Charlie Maclean-Bristol FBCI and Gianluca Riglietti CBCI discuss resilience at a time where the conflict in Ukraine dominates the global scene. 

During this informal conversation, Charlie and Gianluca address arising issues from the war in Ukraine such as cyber security and supply chain disruptions, as well as discussing related topics including the power of fake news and propaganda, the sustainability of the Western sanctions for organizations, and what the future looks like for businesses across the globe. 

Both speakers share their ideas raised in their respective articles – “Common Crisis Lessons Visible in the Ukraine Conflict” and  “The Role of Cyber Warfare in the Ukraine Conflict” – and will provide some practical tips on how to stay resilient and prepare for the unknown.  

See the full post here – https://www.thebci.org/news/a-conversation-about-resilience-during-the-ukrainian-war.html

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