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Crisis Team Performance Assessment

When conducting a series of exercises over time, it is useful to have the team’s performance assessed to demonstrate continual improvement. 

It is good practice to provide incident teams with feedback on their performance to assess competence against industry standards. It is also useful, when conducting a series of exercises over time, to have team performance assessed to demonstrate continual improvement.  

PlanB Consulting has developed an incident team performance assessment methodology that has been developed from best practice across several different industries including the military and emergency services and research papers on Crisis Management.

The team is quantitatively assessed on their maturity pre-exercise, the assessment includes how often the plan is updated and the level of training that has been provided to the team.  
During the exercise, the team is quantitatively assessed by an umpire on several areas:  

  • Incident management skills.  
  • Communication and reputation management. 
  • Use of the plan and procedures.
  • Recovery management.  

The process includes team assessment of the plan contents and their own teamwork after the exercise.  

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