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Training Your Crisis Management Team

It is essential that your Crisis Management Team are equipped to manage a crisis and have been exercised or tested with an exercise in recent months.

It is essential that your Crisis Management Team are equipped to manage a crisis. New team members or the lack of regular plan testing or exercising may lead to a skills gap and a requirement for training or refresher courses. PlanB has developed a course for this purpose. The training is an interactive full-day or half-day session that contains a mix of taught theory, individual and group exercises, and group discussion. Although each course is bespoke, PlanB will set out to achieve the following objectives: 

  •  Recognise the different types of crises your organisation could face 
  • Identify reputational risk for your organisation
  • Suggest the key things required in any good Crisis Plan 
  • Understand the need to target different stakeholders and devise effective and appropriate key messages
  • Plan the resources and facilities you need for an effective and timely response

Once the Crisis Management Training has been completed we recommend that the team conduct a Crisis Management Exercise, putting their newly acquired or refreshed skills to the test. 


Crisis Management Training

In preparation for their annual award ceremony taking place at the Royal Opera house, PlanB Consulting provided a day’s workshop for the event organisers, including the CEO, covering Business Continuity and Crisis Management. During the workshop, the attendees were asked to think about possible disruptive scenarios which could arise and talk through what steps they would take to respond to such incidents. It also covered crisis communications i.e. how communications should be managed in the event of an incident. 

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