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Business Continuity Supply Chain Review

PlanB Consulting’s Supply Chain Review can help your organisation review your supply chain and your suppliers supply chain to ensure that you are prepared and protected against any potential supply chain incident.

The Supply Chain Review is designed to support business continuity within your supply chain. All organisations, whether they are large or small, are all dependent on their suppliers, outsourced operations and utilities. 

PlanB will work with you to review your current Business Continuity Plans, documents and contracts associated with your procurement activities.   

Our Consultants assess and review your supply chain maps to uncover any possible risks within your mapping process. The Mapping process will be conducted through four different levels to ensure we capture your supply chain from a variety of elements. Along with this, we use horizon scanning and heat maps. 

PlanB Consulting will conduct a workshop (either half day or full day) to understand the risk and issues associated with suppliers.  

Finally depending on your relationships with suppliers, we will work closely with them to finalise an in-depth report on both you and your supplier’s supply chain capability 

The Aim is to ensure that there is mitigations in place for you and your suppliers. 


Large Food Delivery Service Provider

PlanB Consulting were approached to review a food delivery service’s Supply Chain resilience and review the supply chain mapping end-to-end process. PlanB Consulting presented recommendations and improvements to the supply chain mapping process via a workshop. The outcome of the review and workshop is to create a dynamic risk assessment including 3rd party risk, reviewing assets and commodities of the companies the client works with. Initially a kick-off meeting with the head of distribution and the head of supply chain was arranged to discuss an approach that would work for our client.

PlanB Consulting then reviewed a number of documents including asset lists, audit reports, Business Continuity plans and supplier Business Continuity plans and system contracts.  PlanB Consulting developed and delivered the workshop. The workshop was facilitated remotely online via MS Teams. The workshop included 5 delegates from the food delivery service who were all Heads of Departments, and 2 PlanB Consulting facilitators. PlanB Consulting produced a report summarising the risk assessment and document review and supply chain recommendations for improvement and risk mitigation measures. 

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