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  1. Whatever resilience you have within the organisation mother nature by sheer power can overwhelm them.
  2. Think about your supply chain – do any of you essential good come from Japan. They may come from the affected area or as there will be a shortage of power your supplier may be impacted by the lack of electricity.
  3. Business deals. I heard on the radio that a business man had decided to take the next flight home from Japan. Not so much fearing for his safety but thinking that at the moment nobody will want to talk about serious business.
  4. Accounting for staff. Do you have mechanisms in place to ensure you know where your staff are when travelling and then can quickly account for them if a disaster occurs in the area they are visiting.
  5. What is the business continuity plan for nuclear fallout and contamination over a wide area? Even if your staff are available to work will their heart be in it, if they are worrying about whether they have been effected by radiation or lost their house?

Our thoughts are with the people of Japan……

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