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February Newsletter


Cyber Scotland Week: Free PlanB Ransomware Webinar

‘To pay or not to pay?’, that is the question…What should you do after a ransomware cyber incident?

Charlie will talk through the pros and cons of paying a ransom and what factors senior managers should take into account when making the decision in his webinar as part of Cyber Scotland Week.


Verisimilitude and its Importance in Exercises

While running SIMEX exercises we produce realistic collateral, simulated media, and social media posts as inputs in order to create verisimilitude in the exercise. 

In this article, Charlie explains how PlanB Consulting uses features like this to engage your employees and create memorable business continuity exercises.


Amedia AS Cyber Hack Case Study

Detailed information on cyber incidents is hard to come by as organisations are usually reluctant to share details, or they take down what they have to share as quickly as possible so no one looks too closely – but this time, Charlie was faster!

He offers a deep dive into the Amedia AS cyber hack which occurred over the holiday period, discussing in-depth all the important lessons to take away from how Amedia AS dealt with the hack.


UK organisations must take cyber precautions in response to Ukraine

NCSC urge UK organisations to bolster their cyber security resilience in response to the malicious cyber incidents in and around Ukraine.

The NCSC is investigating recent reports of malicious cyber incidents in Ukraine similar to attacks to the UK and US that were attributed to the Russian Government.   


Are you relying on Spreadsheets for BC?

Spreadsheets are a ubiquitous tool in the business world but they have limitations.

If you are relying on spreadsheets in order to manage business continuity, or risk programs, or any other critical business processes, you are making life more difficult for yourself.  Read the full article on the Continuity Central website.


Ransomware Negotiation Tactics

The secret that no one wants to discuss is that organisations sometimes have no choice but to pay a ransomware demand, especially if there is no other way to recover the operations of their organisation.

If we accept this reality, then we should make sure that we are prepared to conduct a negotiation. Charlie looks at how you should negotiate with ransomware criminals, and shares his learning on the topic.


Our cyber business continuity and incident response services will equip your organisation to effectively respond to cyber incidents and manage cyber risk. We can help you to:

  1. Plan and run cyber exercises
  2. Run cyber briefings for Senior Managers
  3. Write Cyber Playbooks
  4. And more…
Take a look at our cyber services to see how we can help you to be more resilient and manage a cyber incident.

About Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Charlie Maclean-Bristol is one of the Founders and Directors of PlanB Consulting. He is also the Training Director of Business Continuity Training Ltd., a UK-based training provider accredited by the Business Continuity Institute. Charlie is a former Business Continuity Institute board member and one of the very few Fellows of both the Emergency Planning Society and the Business Continuity Institute.

A former Infantry Captain in the British Army, Charlie held several emergency planning, business continuity and crisis management positions within the energy and utility industry before founding PlanB Consulting in 2007. Over the past twelve years, Charlie has delivered business continuity consultancy in 6 of the worlds 7 continents, frequently providing full business continuity roll-outs to organisations of all sizes and in all sectors.

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