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Departments you need to involve to achieve BS25999

Achieving BS25999 needs to be a team effort and best use should be made of the skills you have within your organisation. Why develop business continuity training when you have a training department who could help you develop the training and has the capability to develop e-learning.

The following are the departments, in additional to the operational departments you are recovering, you might want to enlist to help you achieve BS25999.

  1. Audit – audits and assessments
  2. Internal Communications – embedding business continuity and communicating the business continuity message to all staff.
  3. Human Resources – for getting business continuity built into the job descriptions and the rewards and recognition system.
  4. Business planning – for including business continuity within organisation targets and management systems including such monitoring systems such as KPIs and balanced scorecards.
  5. Media / External Communications – developing a media plan and helping you incorporate a media response plan within the tactical or strategic plan.
  6. Training for help in developing competencies and conducting training needs analysis. The may also have mechanisms for recording training records. The may be able to help with getting business continuity into the induction process for new staff. If there is the capability for developing e-learning this could also be used.
  7. Procurement and contract management for identifying critical suppliers and they may be able to send out questionnaires to critical suppliers to assess their level of business continuity planning.

BS25999 is a team game…………

That is all I can think of at the moment if you know of any more then add them to the comments

About Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Charlie Maclean-Bristol is one of the Founders and Directors of PlanB Consulting. He is also the Training Director of Business Continuity Training Ltd., a UK-based training provider accredited by the Business Continuity Institute. Charlie is a former Business Continuity Institute board member and one of the very few Fellows of both the Emergency Planning Society and the Business Continuity Institute.

A former Infantry Captain in the British Army, Charlie held several emergency planning, business continuity and crisis management positions within the energy and utility industry before founding PlanB Consulting in 2007. Over the past twelve years, Charlie has delivered business continuity consultancy in 6 of the worlds 7 continents, frequently providing full business continuity roll-outs to organisations of all sizes and in all sectors.

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