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Cyber Incident Response: A preparation framework

The SUNBURST hack in 2020 of the SolarWinds Orion Software showed that any organisation could be vulnerable to a cyber breach. The hack compromised 18,000 of the organisation’s systems’ including many USA Government organisations.

No matter how well prepared an organisation is, there is always a risk, so the key is to prepare your response as well.

Large organisations like Equifax, Marriot and Travelex have demonstrated the repercussions of a poor cyber incident response, and are good examples of how not to manage a data breach. 
Many of the mistakes they made in their response could have been avoided by training, preparation and exercising.

In this video I talk about the 6 steps you should look at to ensure your organisation is ready to manage a cyber incident:

About Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Charlie Maclean-Bristol is one of the Founders and Directors of PlanB Consulting. He is also the Training Director of Business Continuity Training Ltd., a UK-based training provider accredited by the Business Continuity Institute. Charlie is a former Business Continuity Institute board member and one of the very few Fellows of both the Emergency Planning Society and the Business Continuity Institute.

A former Infantry Captain in the British Army, Charlie held several emergency planning, business continuity and crisis management positions within the energy and utility industry before founding PlanB Consulting in 2007. Over the past twelve years, Charlie has delivered business continuity consultancy in 6 of the worlds 7 continents, frequently providing full business continuity roll-outs to organisations of all sizes and in all sectors.

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